Thursday, July 8, 2010


so tuesday i had an unexpected rescheduling so i had a good few hours free. so what better way to spend it than doing an impromptu rib piece on ross? i can think of a million things i woulda rather have done, but alas, that's what i did. ended up working til the wee hours, but it's all gravy.

It's an old woodblock print from the Kurtsweil Satires which i think is from the 1550's (told ya it was old). here's some info about the man behind the goat.... taken from here

Jörg Wickram (~1505-1562) was a German writer from the Alsace region (now France) who straddled the Renaissance and Early Modern periods of literature development.

Wickram's versatile output ranged from translation work (he translated Ovid without knowing any latin) to poetry, dramatic narratives and collections of humorous anecdotes (Schwank) that drew influence from Sebastian Brandt's 'Ship of Fools' (1494), animal fable satires and the medieval minnesang tradition. Although these collected tales were popular, Wickram is perhaps best known for producing the earliest forms of the novel in German literature.

'Kurtzweil' (1550) is a lesser known work of poetry in the vernacular German by Wickram, featuring crude anthropomorphic woodcut illustrations, reminiscent of (but predating) Le Monde Renversé satires. There is next to nothing by way of commentary around online, but I think it's a fairly safe bet that 'Kurtzweil' belongs to the satirical/moral body of Schwank anthologies, prevalent in 16th century German literature.

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