Wednesday, June 22, 2011

stags n slags

so what a mental week i've had....

first up, i got punched in the face at 6am a few days ao which is well.... lame. long story short, some dude was attacking some woman outside my flat, i heard it and went and got involved. i'm pretty sure i broke his thumb, and he ended up running off, so in the bigger scale of things, it worked out pretty well.......


so what else? went to a stag do...... that lasted an entire weekend.


mike only getting bitch whipped with a belt that is most likely never gonna come clean.

was fucking cool to be hanging with some of the old CBR, brought back some good memories!

hmm, oh, same night, i got given these!!!!! too cool for school!


and the other day i got given THESE!!!!



also, went round the gazillions of charity shops where i live yesterday and found a lot of books..... i cant say no to books, especially when they cost a quid or less!


looking forward to reading them. the Danny Wallace one sounds hilarious, who starts a cult buy accident?! hmmm, gonna be good.

so yeah, that's whats been going on. got a sweet fuckin tattoo in tomorrow, so keep them eyes peeled.

(oh, and blogger isn't uploading photos right now for some lame reason, so this took me ages to post coz i had to go via this antique system of uploading..........)
so apologies for the dishevelled appearance of my photos, bulging outta pretty background motifs and such.... i'm not normally this careless..... but i cant be arsed to go back and resize them all, then reupload them.... coz believe it or not, i do have a life.

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