Thursday, June 30, 2011

i don't know if i care, and don't care if i know

so, where do i start......

i guess with yesterday's tattoodle? the lovely alex is off to travel the world, or trek the arctic, or open a bar in croatia or something..... so he leaves today, and managed to squeeze in getting tattooed AND hanging out with small children (his words..... not mine) into his last day.

so from the tattoo front to the tattoo back (see what i did there?!) i got my...... is it fifth?! session on my back done on tuesday. always a pleasure hanging with jay n steev (i'll have you know i do know how to spell "steve" it seems "steev" however, does not)..... luckily i sat swell this session, and we got lots of educational conversation about snuff films, murder, and scandal mongering. good times......

so here's where we're at so far....

(there's still a paw on my ass that needs colouring, but i don't feel the need to repeatedly post photos of my ass if no work's been done i'm afraid.)

so, what else.... oh, i got my bag back! fuck yeah, all my cash had been taken, but i got everything else back *sigh of relief*

gotta say it is SO insanely nice to be able to travel on public transport and not have my brain bombarded with ear traffic. no more listening to people adding a "k" on the end of all words ending in "ing"
example : everythink

also, no more listening to a gaggle of OAP's openly discussing the fact i have 'far too many tattoos and will never find a husband.' ha, little do they know, been there, done that. i was eagerly awaiting hearing about what else 'i'd never do' with my pitiful existence, i felt like it could turn into a quest of sorts.... to show these almost dead nay-sayers they are wrong before they pop the cork, but alas, i had to get off the train.
oh well.

speaking of old people, public transport and quests of sorts, i have taken it upon myself to photograph awesome/crazy/creepy old men on public transport. so far i have all of 2. but when i get more, don't you worry, stop fretting, i will share the visuals.

speaking of old people.... and quests of sorts, (stuff is tying in smooth as eggs today) there are a few words i'm making it my mission to pull (albeit kicking and screaming) back into everyday conversations. these are awesome words that never/rarely get used. 

you ready?

ok here they are :


and this is for steev.... (i'm not sure i agree.... but maybe if i was a lunch lady in a school full of chavs, maybe i would see the light) 


so there you have it, i emplore you to pick the choicest word, and pepper your otherwise boring portion of the Queen's english so that one day *wistful sigh* the world will once again be a premium place to co-exsist.

ok, enough with that, so last night i went to go see Flogging Molly play. it was great. 

unfortunately towards the end of the set something blew up and they all died. true story....

oh well. 

so, speaking of dying.... (flogging a dead horse now? a little? maybe, but fuck y'all i'm having fun)

eli came back from sweden with the choicest example of swedish manufacturing.... behold

speaking of europe (promise, last one)

mr zombie recently returned from finland with a gift for me. not sure if it reflects finland as a country, or a mindset, or a colony that made it past the age of 8 as a whole..... but here it is...

there is a reasoning behind this seemingly obscure choice of gift from abroad, and i suppose i'll elaborate, seeing as i highly doubt anyone has stuck with this post thus far anyways.....

i used to have a fucking epic Pez collection. when i say "epic" i mean best EVER. unfortunately, as i seem to move more than a pikey on the run from caravans.... i seem to have mislaid said awesome collection.

blog done. :)

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