Wednesday, June 8, 2011

hell awaits

so it's been a while since my last post, having a smart phone has seriously dented my blogging drive, coz now i find myself just posting everything straight to facebook. sorry to all my faithful blogspot followers (who seem to be growing in number the less i blog?!).... i will try to rectify this asap!

so here's a fun cover-up i started a while back, looking forward to finishing this one.

she originally was thinking of the gramophone, the vines, the flowers, the feathers AND birds, clouds n' stars. think i have managed to dwindle it down to what we have here though.....

in other news, i've been baking some awesome gingerbread recently....

bought a cookie cutter box from r.dyas and it has some really random shapes. to be honest, some of them i can't even figure out?!

yesterday was my day off, and i took milo to the park near my house where he almost got eaten by a goose. crazy ass hissing goose on drugs. 
he's all good though.....

and i bought this book..... i have way too many books on the go at the minute, so this'll have to wait a while, but looking forward to this one!

it has awesome Mucha-esque/horror illustrations throughout. 

good stuff. til next time......

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