Saturday, June 18, 2011

black n grey..... like the weather.

so here's some non colourful tattoos i did recently. anyone who knows me/reads this/isn't retarded will know i do love me some colour, but sometimes, just sometimes, i gotta do black n grey.....

this 1st one we managed to squeeze some fuchsia into.... but for the purpose of this particular post, it's black n grey. it's a cover up of a fat ass black circular thing she had.....

next up, some healed pics.... well almost healed! little shiny, little flaky, but again for the purpose of this post.... "healed enough to photograph?!"

apparently this guy did magic or something.....

apparently this chick was a virgin, and gave birth to a really good magician.

in all seriousness though, the mary is super tiny, it's tucked up inner upper arm, and it's pretty much same size as u see it when u click to enlarge. teeny lil' face.
righty-o, i'd better set up for my next customer, so thanks for looking y'all!

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