Monday, November 8, 2010

Fuck art, lets eat.

So i'm not even going to attempt some sort of review for the exhibition we went to yesterday.... coz i found one HERE!

So yeah, that's what i did yesterday, among other things.....

Started off walking through Spittalfields market which i haven't been to in forever (really..... well, forever minus some maybe). Kinda felt like a kid in a candy store.... so much to take in..... gonna have to go back another day when i'm not holding up a the crowd.

I'm fucking loving being back in London. Honestly... couldn't be happier right now. For those who know me well, i'm sure you know how miserable i ended up being in Hong Kong. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome city.... but everyone's different and i most definitely prefer it  over here.  The art, the music, the culture, the food, the people..... pretty much everything.... except the fact it's fucking cold and i smoke like a chimney so wearing fingerless gloves makes you realise how cold it really is. No , I tell a lie. The fact the only part of my body i can't feel is the tips of my fingers makes me realise how cold it is.

So, back to yesterdays doings......

no photography inside, although some twat kept taking photos on his iphone.

we actually went to 3 exhibitions, this doorway was next to the 3rd gallery we went to. i picked up leaflets, and thought i was gonna post a very comprehensive blog, but the leaflets are at home and i'm at work..... more importantly, the transporter is undergoing repair..... so no leaflets y'all. 

The 3rd exhibition was a friend of a friend of Harry.... really awesome paintings. i'll definitely try to get that exhibitions details and post it coz it's worth a gander.

shiny stuff makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

as you can see, stopping to take photos of shiny stuff almost gets you left behind. Although i was pleased to see Jonathan taking almost the exact same photo a few seconds later! Check his blog HERE

So after soaking in some culture, we headed to SoHo for some meat...

the only thing this place was lacking was some fat hillbilly missing his teeth playing a serenade on a banjo to a rabid armadillo. Awesome food, cool decor, can't complain (except for the fact Miss Brooke found a hair in my burger..... but lets not go there)

Ross stayed in coz his parent had come up to help out with stuff at the flat. Got some bookshelves now, new grouting round the bath which is always a bonus, some "cats arseholes" on the wall (don't ask) and a brand spanking new coat rack. How awesome does Milo's little leather jacket look up there?! 

ok, this blog has dragged on enough.... but one last photo i just found on my camera from a drunk night bus ride home....

i think Harry should live here.


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