Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kung hei fat choi!

so chinese new year! we were gonna start the new year the best way possible, by riding around on roller coasters n stuff, but it rained, so then we were gonna go to monkey mountain, but after a long debate about how "hardcore" the hong kong monkeys are......and we decided it was still too wet. so we ended up going to the studio, getting our drawing work outta the way, and went to go watch the parade. Ross' mate who's sleeping on our sofa got some good shots, i didn't fancy climbing onto a building so my pics suck.... maybe i'll steal some of Vinnie's pics and post them sometime...... maybe.

that's the best i got. crap i know, but so was the conglomerate advertising campaign that pretended to be a "parade".

andy being a tourist.....

andy being a numpty....

andy taking much better pics of the parade coz he's a giant...
2morrow i'm tattooing a weird and wonderful piece on him, so hopefully a tattoo post then! til then y'all!

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