Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don't try this at home

So i've got pieman and andy crashing at my gaff at the moment, so been pretty busy keeping them busy. 2 manic nights out too, Pieman's 1st night we got pretty stoopid drunk, and pieman did his 1st ever tattoo on me. masterpiece. (he doesn't tattoo.....he doesn't even draw, so 10 points for effort!)

I managed to finish the piece i started in London way back in Aug too, hard to get a good pic coz all the black is healed....

Andy's 1st night we were out on the lash too, i got kicked out of Amazonia multiple times, and ended up breaking my nose. I managed to butcher the 1st roll of film i took with my new camera, break my handbag, and other good stuff! Fun.
Tomorrow i'm back at work, and Andy has a pretty cool lil' piece booked in too.

The contents of my pockets were totally covered in blood, maybe i'll take a pic of my shoes tomorrow and post them. Quite spectacular!

Not sure how i got hold of these glasses...... Andy was kind enough to model them for me. Apparantly they belonged to the bouncer.....

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