Thursday, September 17, 2009

i'd rather be pissed off than be pissed on.

ok, so since the last blog, nothing has happened. well, not nothing.... i've screwed my back up and been pretty crippled, so work wise....nothing has happened (other than frantically rescheduling this weeks appointments). spent a small fortune on taxi fares to and from my chiropractor (not to mention the chiropractor bills too). this is possibly the worst my back has ever been. the 1st 2 days i literally couldnt even walk, couldn't dress myself, couldn't really do much at all. 
today i'm feeling a little better, went to the chiropractor (again) this afternoon and figured as i was in town, maybe a spot of very slow..... slow gentle shopping might cheer me up. i ended up buying like, three stupid hats that ross will laugh at (and tell me i'll never wear in public) and i will end up wearing them just to prove him wrong. god, i i cant even count how many stupid hats i own... but i do love hats. 
so the short stint shopping which shoulda taken like, half an hour, ended up taking about an hour and a half, coz trying to hobble down Queen's road at a steady pace so as not to strain your back, is IMPOSSIBLE when the general public dont quite know what they are doing or where they are going, or how fast they should walk. BAH! anyways, i made it, thanks to my trusty walking stick cleverly disguised as an umbrella. phew!
so i got home and tried on my hats. (i dont try on hats at shops if i've already done my hair, i'm stupid like that). so my hats rock, i'm not quite sure what to wear some of them with, but i'll have to buy a new outfit, and that's not always such a bad thing...
ok anyways, i'm trying on my hats, in my very dark bathroom (i cant change a lightbulb when i'm a cripple) and i realise my hair is getting way way way too long. it's gotta be ..... hmmm.... 3 inches. Craziness! so i decide to cut my hair. never a good idea, especially when u r moving like a robot and cant really turn your head, coz your backbone's connected to your neckbone, and your neckbones connected to your.... you get the idea.
i decided to take it easy and clipper the majority at a number 6, but my hair was just too long for my useless clippers, so out came the scissors, disaster waiting to happen...
anyways, i just finished, and from what i can tell, i have no bald patches, so i guess it went ok... right? i'll have to wait for Ross to critique it i guess. at least now i have no excuse for procrastinating booking a appointment with a hairdresser......

OK, so aside from that very interesting story, like i said, work wise....nothing has happened, and STILL no pictures have been sent from the London camp. I chased up Jamie Jazz's fiancee, Aiymee on facebook, and nagged her til she sent me a pic of her tattoo. It's all healed, and not the best pic, but she e mailed it and that's all that matters right now!

so here's her 1st tattoo, she's super into film, and is thinking bout turning it into a sleeve so we left it pretty open ended, and she really really wanted stars (i didnt get lazy and just throw them in as filler, she WANTED them!) so here ya go, healed, still a little shiny by the looks of it, but it's all i got!

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