Tuesday, September 8, 2009

his and hers

So, i've given up waiting for people to e mail me photos from london (let me explain....one camera ran outta batteries (and u can only charge it, and i didnt have the charger)...and the other camera....well it's just shit.....it actually died a few days ago anyways).... so i had to use cameras from people working at the shops i was in at the time.

ok so GIVEN UP WAITING! gonna just go ahead and post my blurry pics. these ones are the best of the bunch, and i really wanna post them coz i had a ball doing them.

We did the lady first on Mr.Stitch, who is the frontman in The Defiled. He was super excited to get it done coz they were shooting a music video the next week. Then a few days later, he decided to do the other hand, so we did! 2 hands in one week! He's gonna be a cripple on the guitar for a while i'm sure!

Anyways, i have loads more pics of us all i was gonna post so now's a good a time as any....

Here he is with his lovely beautiful wife, Miss Nina Kate. She's a model, and not just a pretty face. Check out her awesome clothing company HERE! I ended up giving her the original Flamingogo dancer painting coz flamingo's are to her what monkeys are to me. 

Smiling happy people. This was the night of the day of the video shoot. 
He doesn't always wear more make up than his mrs'..... ok maybe thats a lie.

Rockin the "wow".... again.

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