Friday, September 25, 2009

old people...old news....

ok. so.... i forgot to blog my retarded boring photos from my sham shui po trip..... so hold on tight y'all coz here they come!

If these fish had fingers, they'd be doing the "wow" (especially the dude who kept his eyes...)

Just so y'all know (not that ya really care), but my 2nd dat Sham Shui Po'ing....was awesome and lame at the same time. "How" you ask? I'll elaborate.....
OK, so i got there, went to all my usual hangouts, which seemed a little lamer than normal, but i still bought what i could (or what i thought i could salvage into useable goods).... then.... *dum dum DUUUUUM!* i crossed the street, and found newer more awesome shops than ever, so bought better versions of everything i just bought! i now am the rightful owner of so much stuff, i dont think there's enough glue guns/hairclips/peoples heads to manage!
Anyways.... more on that when i actually do something with all that.....

Todays blog is (was meant to be todays tattoo).... so here it is....
And can i just say.... this guy had booked in for a peace sign.... (yeah, really), then he came to check the design yesterday which i obviously hadn't drawn )when will u people realise i dont draw stuff in advance!
so he changed his mind, and decided to get "miracle" and some leaves.... and i managed to waggle this one! (10 points all round!)

OK, so then we went to Tequila Jacks, and as it is Rob's "official way past it" Birthday (30) I think we all drank more than planned, spent more moullah than planned..... ok i'm probably just speaking for me and me only........
But how awesome are these humungous Margaritas?! 

What made them even better was the fact that this time...... there weren't frozen bugs in each ice cube! (long story...... but true.)

As y'all can see, Rob isn't best pleased about hitting the big 3' O (*ding ding*)

But in all fairness, i got him a sweet present, which i really wanted to keep, but i pride myself on being a pretty sweet gift-giver, i seem to hoard all the real shit myself.
Ooh, and 2 other gifts, which some may not appreciate, but when the photos get released, y'all will!......... until then y'all! 

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