Monday, September 14, 2009

Dog day afternoon...

So today was an unexpected day off work thanks to T8. Sucks, i have loads of stuff to draw for tomorrow and all the refrence and shit is at the studio, plus i had to reschedule people from today to spots i didnt really want to move stuff from..... BAH!

So pretty much done nothing and hibernated, except for Ross going out to collect the pizza coz the delivery men didnt wanna brave the storm.

It's at it's strongest right now, and it kinda looks like all our windows are bending..... a lot, which is worrying! So we've just stayed in, and watched Prison Break season 4. (amazing how they manage to remove the upper part of a body suit in one session of laser removal though!) 

Other than that, i've been molly coddling Milo, and trying to take pics of us together on the laptop. Not as easy as it looks..... but we got there in the end!

I'm worried bout the windows and he's worried bout the noise on the roof!

And vice versa!

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