Friday, September 4, 2009

Norwich Body Arts Festival '09

ok, so not actually that many pics from the  Norwich tattoo convention, but here we go.....

This was a sweet ass festival, first of it's kind, and i recommend anyone interested next year to do it. it was super busy, in fact on the 1st day, they had to stop letting people in coz it was so booked up.

i had some fun stuff booked in, on old friends and complete strangers, cant complain one bit, was busy busy busy as soon as the doors opened.

i actually didnt even take half the photos i should have, coz i wrapped people up, told them to bleed out, and never got round to cleaning them up and photographing them!

here's a few (it's weird, one whole day was just birds, other than these two i also did 2 swallow tattoos!)

this one was a hard pic to get coz it was a bit of filler around loads of other stuff that i don't really want in the photo!

we also made some awesome friends which money cant buy! made lots of contacts, and it looks like in the next 6 months, we'll be having none other than FOUR guest artists visiting!

looks like we'll have rich AND lee from "one shot charlies", which i am super excited about coz i wanted some work by them in norwich but we were all to busy!

we ended up sharing a booth lee hadfield (unbeknownst to either of us until we rocked up..... but we got along and nobody died so all is swell!) his work's awesome, check it out!

felt sorry for him tho, coz he spent the whole weekend working on a half sleeve on a guy that was obviously a competition piece, and the douchebag customer fucked off before the judging. what a TWAT!

heres the best, most friendly people (who just happen to be identical twins).... i dunno bout y'all but you know when u meet people who are just SO friendly and SO enthusiastic that you actually think..... hold on a minute, somethings not right.....
well that was these 2, and they were just happy people, like genuinely HAPPY people, far and few between i tell ya! i love them!

rich on the left and wink on the right. wink's only been tattooing bout a year and a half and he's gonna be awesome (he already is, but just y'all wait i tell ya!)

rich has started handpicking, and has a crazy obsession with pigeons (like me with monkeys, only monkeys are way way better!) here's a few pages from his sketchbook.....

also met a lovely guy from, and i couldnt resist taking a pic of his belly.......

i cant think of a better note to end this on..... so.....


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