Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't wanna be your monkey wrench....

So Wednesdays are usually my day off, but i went into work to tattoo Ross, one of the new owners of my (no longer mine) beloved studio. So that's it. I'm officially between jobs. Today was my last day. I'll still go back to collect all my stuff.... but..... yeah.

Anyways, he got a monkey wrench going through his neck for his brother, Travis who is a mechanic.

This pic is so y'all can see placement.... it looks kinda wonky coz i had him push his shoulders back and tilt his head down so i could get a photo....

His skin took colour amazingly easily.... and it looked brighter in person.

Here's each side ...

So seeing as i wont be tattooing for another 3 weeks or so and relocating halfway across the globe, this blog may get a bit dull. I'll try and keep some stuff updated, but BEAR with me! and... apologies in advance!

Oh, that reminds me, anyone who follows my blog on alivenotdead.... i'll be closing that account, so y'all better find me on Blogger! (here)

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