Thursday, January 14, 2010

toys n tats

So i was gonna post everything chronologically, and i still kinda am, but i'm merging the 2nd half of my cultural museum day and the 1st day of the convention. forgive me time lords, i know not what i do.

ok so After the singapore national museum we rocked on back to the Mint toy museum. We found this lil gem last year, and couldn't wait to go back. The collection constantly changes, and lucky for us the staff do not, so we got in for free..... twice!

So cute!

Teach 'em young!

so many toys........ (drool).........

This is the view from the bar downstairs....not too shabby!

this little guy kept us company, he's called frank...

OK, so let's cut to the convention, day 1 i already had stuff booked in, so i got straight to work.
We met Grel last year, and she's collecting sugar skull inspired tattoos.... We were gonna do the back of her calf, but furniture was difficult, tables were wobbly, and i didn't wanna make her stand for hours with her leg up on a chair, so we went with the thigh instead....

She sat like a champ, and went and got another piece right after this. crazy lady!

After the 1st day, we (us and Ze Germans....more on them later) went out street drinking across the river from Clarke Quay. Can't complain when u got a bag full of beer, good weather and a view like this....

it certainly beats this view..... across the river!

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