Sunday, January 17, 2010

something old...something new

OK some proper tattoo pictures. neither are from the convention, coz my time-space continuum of blogging is warped, so here's the piece i did the day before i left for Singapore....on Captain Justin Sparrow. 

He also got the compass piece by me lower on the same arm.....(already posted this....but what the heck....)

(if u wanna trawl thru and find the original post in May....u can click to enlarge's from when my blog wasn't temperamental)

he's basically getting a patchwork sleeve of nautical themed pieces, i've done half, and a girl learning to tattoo is doing the other half. it's always kinda interesting to see what new additions he has and where!

ok so then yesterday i started this super fun piece on the same guy who got the jap toys leg piece (other leg).... he brought in a sketch he found online, and i didn't need to change it too much coz it was already really nice, but i've changed a bit, and totally changed how i'm shading/colouring it coz i'm not feeling the original at all....... so this is the 1st session....3 and a half hours so far.....

once we get this half finished, i'll be doing a super cute geisha and a fan on the other side to make it a full wraparound. i love stuff like this, and it takes me no time to draw and i'm already excited bout doing it!

so maybe 2morrow i will have caught up on the Singapore convention blog enough to post some more tattoos, then i'm afraid u have a zoo blog in the works too. MONKEYS!

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