Friday, January 29, 2010

Something is squeezing my skull....

(c'mon, it's been ages since i used any Morrissey reference....gimme a break!)

Anyways, i haven't done any blog-worthy tattoos recently, hence the lack of blogging. (for all of y'all who r like "i got tattooed, what's so unblogworthy about my tattoo?!) well....i tend to only blog custom a style i personally like a lot.....sometimes i'll post something out of these very particular super carefully created criteria....if i'm bored, or drunk, or just desperate to post something.

anyways, today if one of those days, and i've been meaning to post a pic of my new tattoo but have been waiting til it's totally healed, coz the only pic i had was kinda scabby n not so nice looking.....

It's healed, but i found a fresh pic on Davee's myspace so i'm using to him for the photo (obviously i didn't take it....)

apologies for the state of my face and my hair.... i look like a new born baby all gooey, and to be honest i felt like i'd just given birth to a demonic spawn that was living inside my skull.

i actually got this on my birthday (which i failed to blog about) because i spent half of it waiting for Davee to show up for my appointment kinda confused and irate at the same time, and the other half in pain...lots of pain.

So there ya go, i'm officially a thug. Booya

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