Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gravity's relentless pull.

so the end of the 2nd day of the convention in Singapore, we found out about an underground punk gig going on in this little venue that nobody had heard of......the BLACKHOLE.

awesome little venue just far enough down an alleyway to be really hard to find, but close enough to a shop to buy beer, and even had a toilet-always a bonus!

 so all was fine and dandy......what more could you want?! probably one of the best and cheapest nights i've had in years... it was also really nice to see such an eclectic crowd, all ages, all races.....super awesome to see. don't really get that in hong kong unfortunately...

we rocked up just in time to see Pisschrist (from Australia) play....

circle pit.....

after whom a Malaysian band called Always last played.....really reminded me of Lagwagon which was pretty awesome! we ended up buying a cd of each band (probably good thing we missed a few, coz it wouldn't have been such a cheap night!

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