Tuesday, January 5, 2010

travel sickness

ok, so quick last minute blog before i head off to the airport.... we ended up packing and sorting stuff out at the shop til well past midnight, came home, did some more packing and sorting out, dyed my hair, and pretty much collapsed. i think we pretty much got most of the stuff that needed doing done last night but i'm still frantically rushing round the flat, washing dishes, double checking everything i just packed....basically being frantic.  always get really paranoid i'm gonna forget something really important, and i always hate the trek to the airport with all the luggage. even though i mainly packed disposable tubes, my luggage still seems really heavy too.... hmmm.

when we went to the saipan convention we somehow forgot to pack business cards, and had to run out and get some printed for an insane amount of money, and before i went to the norwich convention, i almost left my portfolio at the shop i was guesting at (i say "almost" but what happened is we made it to the pub after closing, i then realised, and had to get allan to come back to the shop to open it so i could grab my book.....phew, close call).

hopefully this time it'll go smoother!

i woulda blogged the tattoo i did yesterday, but i don't even know where my card reader is, so that'll have to wait.

now all we gotta do is leave the dogs with their respective 'carers' and go! see ya!

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