Monday, January 4, 2010

death and rebirth.... and so on

ok, long week so far and it's only monday! for some reason, i've had a lot of no-shows, last minute cancellations, not to mention my transformer thing-a-me-jig for my autoclave breaking, and now milo may need surgery. so yeah, i'm super broke, about to go to singapore, can't afford rent, and VERY stressed. Luckily my dad seemed to be in a good mood and is lending me a whole big ol' chunk of cash, but i already owe him a fair bit, and i'm not happy about having to borrow more... 

Anyways, i have been working my arse off, so there's no more i can do..... so be it. and be it lame.

So Milo started limping the other day, and it's been getting progressively worse, so we took him to the vet, and it turns out he has sprained, or just hurt his knee, which has caused it to swell, and therefore has made his knee cap come outta joint. poor lil' guy.... he's been a trooper. 

he's on anti inflamitories, and if he ain't better by the time we get back from Singapore, he .....(god forbid) may need surgery.  :(

Luckily, this hasn't changed his character at all, he's been a total champ, and if anything, way too active for his own good. He's still trying to hump terror..... (and has managed to pee only balancing on his front paws.....quite the circus dog i tell ya!)

 she's pretty and all, but with an outta joint knee cap AND no balls, i think it's most definately a waste of precious bed rest time!

He's also still begging for food like no tomorrow, and ended up eating most of me n ross' dinner. (i hadn't had lunch, and was super hungry, but by the time i'd cooked it, and had a few beers, my stomach wasn't so empty! we had sweet corn & sweet potato patties, with a spinach, ricotta and bacon bake. it was super cheesey, super filling, but also super awesome.

speaking of cooking, i just received this awesome vegan cupcake recipe book from my mum for my birthday (it's next week..... while i'm in Singapore)

And creepily coincidentally, that vegan i was stressing over at my BBQ on boxing day knows Terry (one of the authors) so i'm guessing my vegan cookies tasted pretty lame in comparrison to her magestic vegan-ness..... i tried!

Aforementioned vegan came in for a lil' tattoo today.... (by the way his name is Pranjal) so i can stop calling him "my vegan friend!" i did his first tattoo ages ago (an ear of corn) and this is the new addition to his sleeve. it's based on old folk lore and this flower represents death and rebirth.... (couldn't get a half decent photo, there was hella glare, and everything looks orange with the redness......)

(i know it's outta focus, but it's the one pic with the least glare)

His girlfriend, Erika (the one opening the vegan bakery in the Bay area.....which i will post a link to as soon as i know more....) has some pretty awesome tattoos by Tim Lehi and Jason McAfee (who has done Pranjal's newer work)....

Here's a super cute pic of one of her tattoos.... (by Jason)

It was really nice to catch up with's been a few years, we went for a beer after work, and on my home i spotted this guy, vomitting what looked like the bowels of hell.... it was so impressive i took a pic....

Anyways, back on the subject of dogs (the best subject ever.....) I recieved a few photos in the mail from my Mum.....

these are of some super cute Chihuahua in a shop near her place......

(if i age a fraction as gracefully as she has, i'll be over the moon. but she was a model, and.... i wasn't so chances are null and void!)
and this is her dog, chillin' like a villain in a Japanese restaurant. too cute

(him + soy sauce = disaster)

Anyways, i figure i better dedicate this blog to the man that made my Mum possible, my Grandad, who unfortunately passed away on the 30th Dec 2009. R.I.P Den.
(i'm sure u can still get Drambuie in your porridge in heaven)

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