Friday, January 1, 2010

"Money thinks I'm dead."

Super easy day today, and i think this is the 1st new years day for a VERY long time where i wasn't hungover! In fact, i didn't even drink last night, just veg'd out on the sofa. So today i woke up bright and early-ish.... and got to baking. 

I just bought these super cute measuring cups, and had to use them... they are my new favorite kitchen wares! 

I made 2 batches of spiced raspberry scones, and made some maple butter to go with them. Not too shabby for my 1st meal of the year.

I'm always making huge portions that are totally uncalled for, but i am a complete spastic when it comes to maths, fractions and all that crap, so it just seems easier to make more food than figure out a third of all the ingredients and measurements! 

I also got a pretty awesome fridge calender ...

Anyways, i still got more house stuff to do, trying to sort laundry before Singapore, and gotta sort out the spare room for Michelle to crash in when we get back.

Would be nice to get some drawing done too..... i dunno where all the hours in the day go!

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