Sunday, August 15, 2010

don't be coy...

so as promised, here's the coi half sleeve i finished up recently. the photos are a little bloody, so apologies, hopefully i'll get a healed shot before i leave. (click to enlarge)

starting a cool piece tomorrow i sketched out at work before we settled down with a pizza and a movie (i'm gonna miss stuff like that.... having a studio kinda means u effectively have 2 living rooms, double the wall space to hang cool shit, double the bookshelves, and double the comfy sofas to hang out on) .....anyways, this tattoo tomorrow coulda been a 1-shot but it's his first tattoo, and it's gonna be bout 5 hours so we're gonna break it into 2 sittings.... hopefully get all the linework n some black in 2morrow....and then perhaps.....a photo?

anyways, it's 4am and i'm super excited bout starting season 7 of curb your enthusiasm so gotta go!

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