Monday, August 2, 2010

crouching tiger hidden dragon

ok, super busy day at the shop today.... so i'll keep this short n sweet.

here's numero 3 outta the 4 pieces i did today... fun rib smash, she sat like a trooper, lets hope the guy getting his ribs done tomorrow does too!

seems like tigers are the new dragons, got another booked in tomorrow!

oh, and i can't not blog about this, but unfortunately i can't post the picture (coz it's top secret suprise stuff and i aint gonna go spoiling it), but the last tattoo i did today, may well be the most iresponsable thing ever, but he pleaded, and i warned him, but he pleaded some more.....

"what was it?!" you ask....

only a marriage propsal. yup, hell of a way to pop the question, eh?! lets hope she says YES!

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