Monday, August 30, 2010

1 lump or 2?

so today we started Richard's rib piece. I've been looking forward to it since he mentioned a teapot tattoo for his nan. God knows how i talked him into getting a rib piece, but i'm glad i did! Can't wait to finish it now......! He sat really well, which i'm so relieved about. Made my life MUCH easier than it coulda been! (as always.... click pic to enlarge)

He's one of the tattoo artists taking over my beloved studio, and he's in most days now, so feel free to pop by and say "howdie". He should have his portfolio ready any day now!

We'll be tattooing at Racks this wednesday night, so if u r out about town..... you know where to find us for some spur of the moment regrettable ink. just kidding..... kinda.

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