Thursday, August 5, 2010

hongky kong

ok quick post, here's the king kong we revamped..... it should been done last week but after all the confusion from his original app, i ended up double booking him, so it's 2 weeks late, not really my fault, but stuff gets hectic sometimes!

it was really hard to get a clean shot of this, and i'm starting to think i've been messing around with my camera settings a bit too much, coz i never used to have this problem...... well.... at least to this extent. so anyways, here's the best i got. thanks for looking.... and here's a fun fact

did you know that Donkey Kong was originally meant to be called Monkey Kong, but after a typo went through..... they just kept it?!

it's true, and i am full of fun filled monkey facts, but that's your lot for today.

oh, and yeah, i'm gonna be singing onstage at the Venetian tomorrow. somebody shoot me now. i tried to get outta it, (trust me, i'd rather pay for my tickets and be at the bar alone than get in for free and be on stage) but alas.... it's only 1 song..... then i'll be drinking my way back over to the shores of hong kong.

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