Saturday, August 28, 2010


so did this tattoo today on musical maestro Corey Tam. He didn't think he was ever gonna actually go through with it but i'm sure glad he did. was a nice little one-shot, he sat like a champ for his first piece. 10 points all round. Hopefully i'll get a healed photo coz it's always hard getting photos of backs, and i had to use no flash which made it ever so slightly outta focus and a little washed out.

Doing this piece made me already kinda reminiscent of Hong Kong, which is kinda weird!

In other news, i've sketched out the upcoming rib smash and now i'm even more stoked to be doing it! Let's just hope he likes it....

It's funny, today i got to work and pretty much thought i had all custom work booked in before i leave drawn out. i wasn't wrong, but today i booked in THREE more, including a sleeve that i have about a week to design! why do i do this to myself? somebody needs to just tell me to stop working or i can't. The sleeve will be fun though, we'll be finishing it in London which is awesome. it means i have at least 1 customer waiting for me over there! haha

also booked in a Jesus to do on the other side of this piece i did a little while ago...

which i'm really excited about. i've never done a Jesus, and i've always wanted to....and going round the churches n shit in Macau really made me crave some religious themed blood i'm happy.

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