Thursday, August 26, 2010

silver back

so we finished off sherman's back today. unfortunately i couldnt get a good pic coz some of the solid black from the 1st session was still healing. i woulda waited before touching it again but he was worried i'd leave without finishing here's a very shiny, not healed and fresh tattoo.....

anyways, on that subject.... i'll stop taking any more tattoo bookings here in Hong Kong real soon.... as we are hoping to leave within a month from now and have a LOT to do..... so if you wanted to get tattooed by me, come over in the next 7 days or so to make a booking or you'll miss out for sure!

been pretty busy but it's been a HUGE help having Rich tattooing too, coz it meant i could free up a lot of time in Sept. Phew! anyways, hope to get a few more tattoos posted before i leave, we'll be starting Rich's rib piece next week so keep your eyes peeled! i'm really looking forward to it.

in other news we went to Macau yesterday, walked til we couldn't walk no more, and hopefully i'll have some pics to post from that soon.... i got a new camera with a magazine the other day..... so getting the film tomorrow. Didn't even bother with digital this time... ghetto.

ok it's 2:15 am and i wanna go home.... so til next time y'all....

thanks for lookin!

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