Monday, August 3, 2009

hopefully the weather won't follow me!

wow, so just about packed and ready to head off the the studio to pick up my very very heavy suitcase full of all my favorite things in the world, and the heavens decided to open up! my god it's raining so hard right now i think i'll be soacked thru before i make it to the airport. horrible! apparently its typhoon number 1 already. hope this doesn't escalate and get in the way of me flying!
i hate this last mnute ready to go portion of time. i'm constantly worried about forgetting stuff, my mind races, and all i can think about right now (other than a very SERIOUS last minute dilema that might ruin half my trip....wont go into details.....) is how much i'm gonna miss Milo. (and the other 3 dogs of course) but the big 2 pretty much take care of themselves, and Kepi is going to stay with our neighbor who is more than capable than looking after the little runt, and even tho Milo is going to stay with his old lil' bro, Buster, I'm just gonna miss him so much..... (rob i want constant updates! and photos if poss! and send me clippings of his fur...ok no too much right?!)
ok, i'm on my 3rd beer, and i figure i should stop, why waste alcohol i bought with hard earned cash when it's free on the plane right?!
ross has finally gotten outta the shower and is almost ready, so i better go. see you on the other side!

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