Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Julia 101

Though intelligence is powerless to modify character, it is a dab hand at finding euphemisms for its weaknesses.
Quentin Crisp 

so, better post some new work, seeing as it's been a fair while....

first up some... i suppose you'd call them 'inspirational quotes?!' (i'm not inspired or even sure i believe them, but there you go.) that's just me.

i don't believe everything happens for a reason at all. Maybe that's because i'm lacking in a belief of a Higher Power of sorts, or maybe it's because i'm lacking in a belief that happy endings occur, or maybe it's because i'm lacking in a belief that life is not an inconsequential coincidence dragged out over a matter of seemingly endless decades where we try to find meaning for stuff that in the end, just doesn't really matter. we are but blips... in time... in space... and utterly reasonless.

what will be will be. well, yes, but i am not a fan of the essence of this saying. what will be ... is what u make it. we have minds, choices, decisions we have been blessed with a brain. if i decide to go sit in a field all week wearing nothing but a top hat.... next week will be pretty damn different to if i decided to carry on going home, going to work, and being fully clothed. so what will be is just where we end up, which is basically dead, in the end.

now on a much brighter note.... the lovely Traycee came down from Ireland last week and got this super fun 1 shot. she sat like a rock, and was a trooper. She has @ beautiful sleeves by the late Jason Saga, and amazing work on her legs too, so i was a little nervous.... but i'm glad with how this turned out. woop woop.
can't wait to do more work on her, maybe the other side, but we are also in talks about some serial killer themed thigh work, which I AM AMPED ABOUT DOING!!!!! :D

cant wait. 

this weekend the lovely Miss Hana will be gracing my company, so if i were y'all, i'd expect my next post to be.... less work more play makes Julia's blog an interesting read to say the least.

sorry if this post seems a lil' bipolar. i'm a Capricorn....therefore i am capricious. 

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