Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Germany n stuff...

so this is proving to be hard work. German keyboards are just down right crazy i tell ya!

so as i have a free minute (been pretty hectic. nice and busy with work.... so aint complaining!) i figured i could post some pics, to share... and to clear some room on my shitty lil .... (where in the world is the apostrophe key?.... ) anyways... where was i...... oh..... CAMERA.

so apologies for the shoddy quality of photos, as we had to pack light, we only brought one camera, so me n ely could share. turns out ely doesnt like taking her camera anywhere. who knew? so here'(found the fucking apostrophe!)s some pics from last night.... where we walked around the jaw droppingly stunning town square and had a delicious meal in a wine cellar dating back to the 1400's.

the buildings around here are stunning. there is so much to look at.

I'm hoping to go to this church's art gallery before i leave. i hear it's incredible. also planning on going to an exhibition about Voodoo if time allows....

So.... to the restaurant.... upon entry i noticed each light was a different monk. this is the best photo i could possibly get without standing on a bunch of peoples dinner I'm afraid.

The place was full of these stunning.... massive wine barrels.

The motely crue. minus yours truly. i was taking the photo..... obviously....

there were adorable private rooms for dinners, tiny and cute, with incredible paintings lining the walls. i heard from Lukas that the minimum amount of ppl allowed to dine in these is 3. i reckon it's coz people fuck in those rooms. i would. 

this dude was outside on the wall of a building i cannot recall the name of. i cant recall the name of any buildings round here. i'm not getting to grips with german. but i DO know how to say 'the cow's really flying' which i hear is what old people say when they are at a fun hip party. that's all i need to know..... isn't it!?

and this last photo is some of the ceiling in the cellar. i would have moved this to the other pics of where i had dinner, but cutting and pasting in German escapes my capabilities.

even German billboards are friggin cool!

right.... til next time! :)

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