Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Double feature

So.... yesterday i went to Maidstone to get my other foot tattooed.

Here they are (the left foot needs a touch up, but we're gonna wait n see how the right heals first)

i cant describe how excited i was when i came up with this idea.... 

so glad to have them done~ :)

here's Jay...

god, i seriously love having an i phone. 

i've been photographing everything (seriously... even more than normal which is no mean feat)

oh, and got some cypher done on my fingers yesterday too...

i'll leave y'all guessing with that one.

anyways, working late tonight tattooing a friend, so hopefully have a pic to post tomorrow too.

til next time... careful not to burn down ur chambers of reflection. that would never do.

oh my god, just realised this post is number 666! 

how fucking apt!

wonders never cease.

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