Friday, April 27, 2012

life in general

so, been a while since my last post, and I've been up to an awful lot.... so here goes....

Over the weekend me and my buddy Scotty had tickets to go see We are the Physics play upstairs at the Garage... I then discovered that another gig was downstairs that a heap of my friends were going to.... so Scotty decided we should get tickets for that too.... and in his words "have a mini festival". 

Didnt really go to plan, because we couldn't get re-entry for upstairs, so we stayed til the band we wanted to watch played, 

then headed downstairs for the Inner Terrestrials set. Was nice seeing so many old friends. 

i also got a photo with a man dressed as a banana....

was pretty drunk by that point... but remember running down the road yelling "banana man! wait!!!!"

he waited alright.

last Sunday Rory, Simon and myself walked all through highgate to The Spaniards for a pretty epic roast. The walk was really nice, passing incredible houses worth at least 3 million quid. Milo seemed to enjoy pissing on the very expensive walls outside these very expensive residences.


we got lucky with the weather, for a while, and Milo made himself at home on the table next to my Elderflower cider.

Anyways, as good as the weather was, like everything in life, it turned shitty... so we headed back to Highgate, and nipped in the Oxfam bookshop for shelter.

i picked up a book which i am really enjoying...

only started it this week and i'm almost through it

"Rory has pulled off something rather special"


We ended up in another little pub, waiting for the rain to give in... and i got chatted up by a weird old man, who said "whats the difference between intelligent conversation and sex?"
"come lie down with me and we'll talk about it"


he had a pretty badass old school tattoo... 

and felt the need to pretend like he had lost a hand in the war...

he hadn't.

i remember both his hands touching me as he 'squeezed' past.

So then we went to the Flask for a few more drinks.... then the Woodman.... for a few more drinks.

Typical Sunday really.

On Tuesday i was surprised to find my Dad would be in London... so after what i can only describe as a god awful dentists appointment, i took him the The Arkley for lunch...

he seemed pretty bummed that Milo didn't seem to recognise him...

but Milo was his lovely self, and settled on his lap which seemed to rectify any wrongs.

Lunch was awesome...

So later in the week i went to a double screening of the Wicker Man and the Wicker Tree (which u dont want to watch) with an audience with the legend that is Robin Hardy

Yesterday Hana came down for the night, which was amazing. So good to see her again. Missed that gal.

Luckily i could get outta work pretty early, tattooed her...

and we went to Camden to pick her up a skateboard...

it rides so smooth, i'm glad i get to babysit it while she's outta London.

So we went for lunch too, which was ... interesting. Had some sort of risotto balls.

and coffee, and free cake. 

cant complain.

Also got her a set of keys cut for my flat....
The key place has less than inviting signage...

So then we headed back to mine, (where i attempted to teach Hana the tequnique to getting my front door open.... but kinda just ended up making inappropriate comments and sex noises what with all the 'in out' fiddly nonsense.) We went for a skate but couldn't go to my usual patch of concrete due to some weird inexplicable mass of traffic. ah well, had a little roll about, then got ready to go to what i heard was a Blugrass gig.

i wouldnt call it Bluegrass.

No way, Jose.

Was a fun night though, we made Walrus noises, talked optilingus, generally freaked out Paul. 

The usual.

This morning we went to the park.... 

awesome start to a day which i can only imagine will end just as awesome...

only going to watch MxPx later.


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