Wednesday, April 11, 2012

waste not...

right, been a while since my last blog, and I'm not quite sure where to start. torn between reverse chronological... or keep true to star date time.... right.... here goes....

So last Friday, Hana came back to the big smoke to be introduced to Star Trek. Absolutely incomprehensible she has never laid eyes on any before, and i am truly proud and honoured to have popped her eyeballs that are the cherry that is her trekkie virginity.

*at this point i must intervene and point out how ridiculous the fact that the spellchecker on my blog doesn't recognise the word "blog" .... *

anyways, back to friday night.... So Hana is a big Star Wars fan... and that is completely acceptable. I am quite partial to the wars among stars too.... but her *ahem* boyfriend (yup, i said it.) is a little less accepting of her coming over to the grey scale side of star trek.... so as a token kind gesture, i allowed her to don my darth vader jumper while i was forced to wear a polyester top that resembles a star trek uniform....

i think Milo was practising his Jedi mind trick....

anyways, t'was a good night. and Hana.... in case u haven't seen this spectacular lost footage.... i shall share.

So, that was that.

On Saturday night, i went to go watch Pelican play at the garage. good gig.... bar some douche up front with a meer cat. (if u r reading this.... try and deny the douchyness of the night.... go on.....)

Sunday, Simon, Harry n myself went for a pretty epic roast at the Duke of Wellington. I cant plug this pub enough, seeing as my mate is head chef... and awesome.

After which we simon, phil n paul all went for drinks to chat shit. was a really nice relaxing afternoon, til me and simon started heading back up North London. Firstly, i spotted none other than the Chupacabra in a tree....


Then an insane man sat beside... well, we sat beside him.... but sometimes its hard to judge insanity vs. phone headsets. he was proper insane... and very angry. 

Then i saw a man in some sort of weird cape... just walking around as if it is perfectly acceptable to be a grown man dressed as Harry Potter...

i musta missed that memo.

Oh, then a retired jockey tried desperately to convince us to go join his pub quiz team (which clearly comprised of himself and no others). bless. he apparently had an "oath he was gonna win". whatever that means. rigged i tell ya, jockey... makes sense. they'll be turning the quizmaster into glue before u can say 'sticky situation'.

true story.

So then me n Simon went to the Winchester where a super creepy old man with a bowl haircut was trying to flirt with me all night. Then i left. *shudder*

Monday i was still not back at work, what with all this Easter malarkey, and i cant actually remember what i did on Monday... which worries me. Oh, no i stayed in most of the day, but in the evening went to go check out a Mario Cart competition in the basement of a pub. Was kinda disappointed with the turn out... but clearly i have seen too many documentaries from the states where their nerd population kicks our little nations arse. It's understandable though... surface area and all. England's nerds are the stiletto heel to the elephants foot that is the united states of America. We just hurt more... 

So yesterday was my day off, so i went thrift store shopping (i know, i know, i'm as predictably boring as Lady Gaga) .... but i bought some cool shit!

took me all of about THREE BLOODY HOURS to manually tune my digital tv to the correct analogue channel... coz my TV didn't wanna pick it up on auto tune... but it's done, and i felt a huge sense of accomplishment when this finally came up on the screen amidst the mass of grey angry noise i had been trawling through.

So then i went out to meet Rory off his train, who fancied a pint of 2. Managed to have a gander online at "things to do" and found out about this cool exhibition

so we went...

y'all cant even begin to imagine my excitement when we turned the corner and this was waiting to us! 

i was determined to keep looking til i found some Chinglish. There HAD TO BE SOME!
i mean, how can u have this much stuff from China and there be no Chinglish!? impossible... surely...










GOOD mother fuckin'  MORNIG!

i really like the Barbican, it's a cool space, and across the water over there are heaps of graves built into the brickwork. lovely.

So then me n Rory went to a cute little drinking establishment for dinner. It was across the road from Bunhill Fields burial ground... which i have since read up on and sounds awesome. It's a grade 1 listed open space, and is the largest ancient burial ground in London, all on unconsecrated ground. John Bunyan, Daniel Defoe, and William Blake are all buried there. (did ya notice how i posted them in the correct star date order they died?!) 

must go one day for a wonder.

in other news, i was doing the crossword in the Evening Standard last night... and behold! They were very kind...

made me blush.

til next time... oh, and i shall post some new tattoodles soon people, fear not.

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