Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan!

so i'm back from southampton. what a strange place that was. we wandered to and fro, all over really..... and didn't find much except for a massive freddie mercury statue, an annoying kid outside kfc, a hectic altern-a-youth street party, the oldest pub in the world with the biggest parrot cage ever placed inside a drinking establishment and a pretty awful drag queen show. true story.

so the convention was alright, not crazy busy, but was nice to get outta london for a weekend break really. did enough work to be busy without being stressed which is nice.

here's our spectacularly awesome booth.....

here's some fun stuff i did whilst sitting in aforementioned spectacularly awesome booth....

and last but by no means least..... here is a rather self proclaiming pimpin' banner from a dude who had a booth next to us. amazing..... no?!

sorry for the lack of freddie mercury pictures, but i didn't have my camera with me (trust me.... i was more disappointed than y'all)

anyways, returned to this beautiful little face which i missed more than god misses credibility.

and this....

sweet. never gonna get eaten..... but sweet.

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