Monday, July 4, 2011

at least i now know where i stand..... and that i stand alone.

so, what a weekend. decided last minute to go to the Hop Farm festival coz the line-up was retardedly awesome. wait for it........ ok you ready?! 


seriously?! couldn't have asked for a better line up. some of you may know i'm quite partial to a man named steven..... Steven MORRISSEY *drool*

i took way more photos than what i'm posting right now, but they are on my phone which is being used as a music maker in the studio as i speak. well as i type.

so without further ado.... (apologies to Mr Reed for not getting any decent photos of you)

Gotta admit, standing there watching Morrissey on my own (well i suppose the other few hundred people there kinda counted, but when i say "on my own" i mean with nobody i know) kinda made me have this horrible epiphany about how alone i trully am. luckily, my company is pretty alright, and i received a really sweet voice mail from one of my best friends which almost cheered me up. Still, when he started playing "the is a light that never goes out" i couldn't find it within myself to summon enough strength to hold back the tears. (i've had one of the worst weeks to date, but only 2 people know ... well 3 people know what i'm talking about and i'm not gonna elaborate.)

anyways, when all was over, i had to try to figure out how to get all the way back to London (i'm not much of a forward thinker, clearly not when it actually matters that is....)
this kinda made it difficult....

anyways, after stumbling round a few fields, i found some coaches heading back to London, didnt have the right money for a ticket, and the guy selling them was kinda sweet, and kinda horrible, but it all worked out. he said "well, seeing as your own your own and everybody else has friends, i'll do it for a tenner" charming. rub it in, why dont ya?

in other news, this really cheered me up. this is some of an e mail i received the other day outta the blue (that's pretty much all it said but i figured not everyone and their mother needed to know this guys name or where he lives......

Hey Julia, so I jumped on the face book to check on something and got lost in a trail of friends of friends and somehow ended up on your tattoo blog, oh and we don't know each other, and I figured what the fuck and took a minute to tell you I liked your blog narrative, I don't really care about tattoos but you seem like a fun person. Take care and cheers too I guess you say....

I'll be sure to post the other pics soon. promise. Oh in other other news.... i now have 2 accomplices, minions, general awesome people who are also now taking photos of old men.... so soon i'll have enough to start posting. (the quest regarding photographing these old men has now also evolved, it now encompasses ALL old men, not just the ones who use public transport) exciting....

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