Thursday, July 28, 2011

til the cows come home.

so, 1st up, here's a sketch i did today....

i would very much like to tattoo this, so anyone who knows their serial killers, and is keen.... get in touch! :)

in other news, went to go see Strung Out at the Underworld. I don't think i've ever actually seen them before, but growing up with a lot of  Fat Wreck bands, they were always around, so was good to go.

The bassist ... wow. 
(long story)

anyways, i didn't have a camera, so phone pic it is....

here's a video from when they were much better than last night!

so before the gig, Will popped in for a quick bit o' filler. I've had a LOT of free time at work of late, so it was good to do something fun.

'fuck your positivity'.... in case u were wondering, although i can think or a few other things positivity could replace and still be very fitting.

will's missus swung by bearing gifts.... these.... which are AMAZINGLY AWESOME

it's coz of my old man photography thing.... if u were wondering.

she also brought a pink cowsuit onsie for me. as soon as i found out these were cheap and very readily available, i asked her to grab me one. i was planning on going to the zoo with a mate for a photo op, but instead decided to wear it to the pub.... and the gig.... and all the way home.

and here ends my incessant irritating publication of my life. 

til next time.

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