Monday, July 11, 2011

Le geek c'est chic

so, COMICON! hell yeah. Me and my equally geeky cohort aka Pieman (he likes pies, plain n simple) went along yesterday. It's very nice indeed and kinda life and spirit affirming having someone to go along to these things with. He did keep saying that "coming to these makes him feel a lot less of a geek" and if you were there..... you would havta kinda agree. He was however very paranoid that people were thinking he'd dressed up as Wolverine...... which cracked me up, coz i could totally see that happening.

Guess now i'd better show u why..... (only took this photo coz Jabba the hut was in disguise behind him)


Anyways, the reason i went along.... well i went coz it's a comicon *duh* but the main thing i was excited about (much better worded) was the fact that BRENT SPINER was gonna be there! for all of you people who are about to google ' brent spiner'.... don't. He's Data in Star Trek. 

So yes, i met him. He touched me (no, he really did.... he touched my hand tattoo) and i got him to sign my Enterprise blue prints! woop woop!

i think the yellow lighting added to the whole "Data effect". good ambience.... good ambience.

I also managed to pick myself a signed Jean Luc Picard photo! oh yeah! Patrick Stewart is a legend.

also ran into a lookalike. He was very gruff. Should kept his mouth shut..... he's definitely more Stewart Patrick than Patrick Stewart, and he tried to befriend us.  poor lonely man. oh well.

also had a very pleasant brief encounter with Robert guy. he insisted i did "donkey ears" for the photo (his words, not mine)

i also tried to get R2D2 to drink cider..... i think he blew a fuse though. RIP lil' robot. sorry bout that....

got in a fight with a storm trooper, i won.... of course.

also came to realise storm troopers are taking on people of all races now, which is a very good thing indeed.

met some weird n wonderful people.... 

and i gotta say, i'm glad i didnt have more cash on me, coz there was way too much awesome stuff for sale for any normal hoarder to refuse purchasing..... behold


they even had a signed adrian brody pic, and if any of u know me, u know i'm slightly obsessed with Mr Brody.... but i wanted to get a few friends stuff too, so put that obsession to one side *sniff*. 

there's always next year.

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