Thursday, August 11, 2011


so quick post. sorry for the absence. i'm sure y'all didnt really miss me anyhow. rebellion was AWESOME by the way, thanks for asking. way way way too much happened to even begin even contemplating attempting to explain..... far far too much. the only thing worth saying is it was awesome. oh, and i'm now an official member of the secret society that is the MPL. yup.

so the day i left i did this lil' one shot on Cat.

super fun to do. 

today i did a stonking cover up. she wanted it all as soft as possible, preferably with no outlines. now, i normally pack black as if i'm heading to a goth summer camp, especially with cover up's.... but i think it came out pretty damn good if i may say so myself.

here's the before....

and here's what she left with....

tomorrow i'm off to the Norwich convention. i was hoping to have some new prints for sale, but i'm not sure that's gonna get done in time. boo. t shirts i have though. i would highly recommend u buy a t shirt.

til next time!

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