Monday, August 22, 2011

working hard and hardly working

so i aint blogged for what seems like forever. apologies. stuff"s odd at the moment, and to top it off i lost the cable to connect my phone to the computer so getting photos off it is quite the chore. :(

anyways, i still have a proper camera at work, so i'll share some newer tattoos.

first up is this cute lil' owl i did on a really sweet gentleman who's moving out of london to his retirement dream home.

he came back the next week and got another owl on the other arm! awesome stuff.

so after that was the norwich convention which i had a blast at..... outline magazine did a nice lil' questions n answers bit on me... i'll be sure to try to remember to bring a copy into work and scan it to share.

did this fun lil piece on Joe at the convention. it's tucked up inner thigh above the knee so was kinda hard to photograph at the convention, limited space n all.....

lastly, kent came back for a new addition. 


in other news, i caught some pretty sweet gigs recently. saw Suicidal Tendencies the night i got back from Norwich, and saw H20 last night. Tonight i'm off to see Mike Herrera do a solo set *gush*

good stuff. music makes everything alright.

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