Friday, January 13, 2012

so this is the new year....

So, i haven't posted for a while. Not that i haven't had anything to post.... just.... i dunno.

Anyways, i hope all o y'all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Here's a video of my dog being awesome as always... this was Christmas day in Camden town outside our boozer...

tough as nuts

Anyways, here's some new tattoos as of late...

In other news, those of you in the know will know it was my Birthday on Wednesday... (Those of you not in the know will now know it was my Birthday on Wednesday). 

So we went on the Jack the Ripper walk.

i had a bit of free time at work on Wednesday, so printed out some stuff i thought might come in handy on said walk....

it totally did.

the usual suspects

So today is friday, and for the past 3 (not 1... not 2....but yes....3!!!) days i have been given cupcakes. 
Wednesday... courtesy of my Boss

Thursday...courtesy of my Mother...

and today... courtesy of my awesome customer!

she also got me a frog that becomes a prince as i am very single. bless.


last night i went to an opening night of an exhibition. Eric couldn't get his head round any of it. It was classic. Made a good photo op though!

after which we went for food, i bought everyone a piece of pie. 
twas good pie.
i would offer you some but i ate it all.


Anyways, tomorrow is my actual Birthday shindig, so should be good.
Til then... i'm off to the gym to try and work off all these bloody cupcakes!

til next time.

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