Thursday, February 23, 2012

busy as a bee

been busy of late. in face, verging on stressed.... but anyways.... tuesday was my day off, and it was glorious. the sun was shining, got everything i needed to do done, got everything i wanted to do done... and baked another vegan banana cake for kirsty too.

so in the evening, i met up with kerry for some drinks in a blues bar, dinner in an awesome (seriously, AWESOME) restaurant...

best fish finger sandwich EVER

and tasty ass mussels!

Also bought some jam from their larder... which is adorable. everywhere should have a larder selling jam.

after which, we went to the glorious screen on the green, settled down with a bottle of wine, ready for some psychology and sex. 

we watched THIS

so back to work.... 

Yesterday, Chester who was one of my favourite customers from Hong Kong came in to try to finish off his sleeve.... we did a whole days work, but alas.... we didn't manage it all. He'd flown in from australia that same day, and must have really been feeling it, but he sat like a rock. He flies to HK for a week then back to Oz, so he's gonna try to get it finished off by the guys at Star Crossed. There the cycle ends.

Heres what we got done...

in other news, kerry bought me a friggin' WICKED present! 

a limited edition box set of the Star Trek movies on VHS! 

fuck yeah!

and Traycee sent me some rad glasses as a surprise!

my friends spoil me rotten. love them long time. <3

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