Monday, February 6, 2012

go bananas

hmm, so, i am still working on the Valentines flash. hope to get them coloured in by the end of the day. i sheet down, 1 to go. we'll see.

anyways, here's a piece i did last week. Fun 1-shot on a lady who works in a pub up the road... it was her first tattoo, and she sat real well. trooper.

also met up with my good friend Lara and the phenomenal photographic wizard Al Overdrive after his shoot for Biohazard, and went to a swanky cocktail bar where i ordered a vanilla daiquiri that almost knocked my socks off... and lara chose these which were AMAZING

in other news, it's been snowing like the before model from a head and shoulders advert.

yesterday after trying to convince milo that snow is fun (he wasn't having any of it)
i baked an awesome (if i may say so myself) vegan banana cake...

twas really really tasty...

in other news, like all good things, the snow turned to shit pretty quick.

did gimme an excuse to wear my old man socks over my trousers which is never a bad thing though...

right better stop procrastinating and get back to this flash... coz lemme tell ya, it feels more like a decade...less like a flash...

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