Saturday, February 11, 2012

roses are red...unless you have to get a rail replacement bus to work and end up late through no fault of your own...

so, tell me. how does your garden grow *snigger*...

so, woke up today, got dressed... as i often do... walked the dog, ate some dried mango... chilled a little... headed to work and DOOM! no Tube from Camden to Barnet, so needless to say, i was late. pretty late.
Had a really nice piece booked in to start the day with, and unfortunately, even after pushing my second customer back, didn't get further than lining it. Ah well. These things can't be helped. Well, maybe i could obsessively check the transport news, but i would never stoop to that level... so these things can't be helped...

these beauties are on the glorious Claire, who designs Dr Marten's (shoes... not the pretty poor tv show Martin Clunes starred in) and can get me epic discounts. SCORE!

Next up was a guy who wanted ivy... to end in 3 specific points on his body. So out came the sharpies, got him to point to these super specific ivy ending body parts and got doodling. Came out pretty nice considering he was on a crazy tight budget and i wasn't sure if i could cut corners without looking like i'd cut corners. God bless some swooshy no outline black n grey vines, They cut a good hour off the overall piece and will heal nice n ... swooshy.

that's what i did today. 


now if u don't mind... i'm gonna go look at some shoes online :)

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