Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bits n bobs

Quick post as i'm wrapping up for the day. First up is Will's newest addition to his broken edge collection....

amazing. if you don't get it, don't sweat, and if you do get it.... you're awesome.

So today amongst more script.... i did a second session on the dragon backpiece i started pre-xmas....
Today we added the peonies, some more blossoms, and got that cover-up outta the way.

apologies for the glare.... it's only in prog though, so it ain't the be all and end all.

Had a nice relaxing day off yesterday, joined my local Blockbuster and rented this whilst Ross opted for this and this  (mine was the best)...

and i baked another batch of vegan cupcakes for Miss Kirsty... seeing as i had soya milk that was about to go to waste, i figured why not. This time they were lemon and coconut. No photos, but i'm sure y'all will manage.

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