Friday, January 14, 2011

Haters can blow us....

... they don't even know us.

So crazy few days have passed, and now i feel it's time to share. So on Tuesday it was my Birthday... and on Monday Ross organised a surprise party....

Fruitbag* did an awesome little set.... Pieman* made an awesome little music stand.

*spellcheck is not keen on my friends names.... at all.

Will and peeps

the likely gals

Gary killing some shit. 

Seamus either tying to choke me to death or be very affectionate. 

Was a good night, i got 2.... yes TWO cakes! We ended up in the good ol' Mixer, where the bouncer ended up kicking us out at closing in a very unprofessional manner. douchebag.

So then i woke at stupid o' clock with the worst toothache ever..... and here begins my official birthday.
What i will tell ya is a throbbing tooth is the quickest way to eliviate any sort of post drinking head grog. really. 

spent the morning trying to:
 a) find a dentist 
b) find a dentist that didn't cost a million pounds
c) find out if it's possible to find a dentist who doesn't cost a million pounds.

long morning. anyways, i thought i had an appointment for later that day.... i'll save y'all the long story about why that didn't come to fruition. Anyways, met my Mum for lunch, although i wasn't exactly in a fit state for attempting to chew.... 

Later that night we had my real Birthday drinks. I wasn't suprised a lot of people who spent the night out previously didn't make it due to work or head grog... but we still had a nice little get together. 

Here are some terrible photos of that night....

apologies to everyone who wasn't in my camera's peripheral vision... maybe the lack of photos is for the best anyways, eh?

So onto the presents.... i got some cool shit, unfortunately i didn't take pics of what Ross got me, but it was this and this and this and this  which i've been trying to get hold of for a while. i lost my last copy and i love this film.... probably coz i love paul kaye.... but yeah. happy.

so i got some cash from family, and decided if i didn't buy myself something it just gets swallowed up with normal stuff....groceries, travel, crap and it never feels like a present. So i went out and bought this guy....

he's probably bigger than milo.

and at work, Naresh got me these....

yes, that is a star trek luggage/passport set

and yes, that's a klingon bird-of-prey corkscrew, which when u take it out of the packaging resembles the meanest looking knuckleduster ever.

So that's the end of this long kinda pointless blog. Anyone wondering bout the tooth, it's on it's way out, which means yet another wisdom tooth crunching bullshit experience. I'm gonna definitely procrastinate on that one, right or wrong.

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