Friday, January 7, 2011

Shouldn't have quit his day job

So, 1st post of the year, i've been pretty busy, and getting somewhere with internet has been.... trying.

Anyways, 1st up is a cover up i started yesterday.... I'm gonna post the after pic first, in case people glance at my blog and think the before pic is my work!

had fun with this one, still a fair way to go, but the bulk of the cover up is done n dusted, much to her relief. Long story short, some guy quit his job as a well paid lawyer coz becoming a tattooist is the done thing.... and this is what he cooked up outta his kitchen (keep in mind she asked him for a sugar skull with roses....)


Anyways, this is what i got up to today... (cropped the bottom out coz it's an extension of a piece not done by me)

this was a fun one too, and tomorrow i got another cool piece in! can't complain.

In other news, here's some interesting stuff i saw this week and thought i'd share.

Oh, i also got name dropped in Total Tattoo this month by the lovely Miss Nina Kate, and they published another pic of my handy work they snapped at some music festival. I gotta say, i still get all chuffed every time i see a tattoo by me in a mag. I hope that never stops (the being chuffed AND the being published.) just to clarify. til next time y'all.

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