Friday, January 28, 2011

Brighton bound

So, todays the last day at the shop before the Brighton convention. So it's kinda like a bit of a last minute give dog to friend/tattoo/pack/haircut/post office kinda deal. Have to admit, i'm looking forward to just getting away for a few days. These last few weeks have been super stressful for reasons i will not bore y'all with.

Got the shirts printed, even got some hoodies n vests to boot! Also dug out some prints i had left over from hong kong, so please come enquire if u r interested.

So i'll quickly post this weeks tattoodles, and get back to sorting out work stuff.

First up is today.... Young chap was visiting London for the day and got this....

Hmm, what else did i do?.... oh, Belle came and got her cover-up half sleeve finished. The top half is still super shiny coz it's pretty fresh.... but u get the picture (mind the pun).

oh, and Layla came in for session numero 3 on her dragon. The cover up seems to be holding up nicely with that peony, but again shiny and fresh. I think we only left it 1 week between the last session.

ok so thats your lot. If you are coming to Brighton, i guess i'll see ya there.... if you're not, have a good weekend nonetheless.

Til next time...

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