Thursday, November 3, 2011

better late than never

so, yesterday was Day of the Dead, and here's what i did today. fun lil back of arm 1-shot. photo looks a little warped, he was resting his arm on a rest.... i should have taken it with him standing. *slaps wrists*

i have also come to realise that when ur machine is spitting all the way up your arm to your SLEEVE it's about time for new bands. 

in other news, got on the list for the King Blues, who i mention fairly often on here, but they are my friends, so harmless plugging is allowed, surely?

it is an odd feeling watching people you grew up with be adored by 40 year old men and kids alike. very odd indeed. 

also odd watching the gig with Al (people will know why, if u know the lyrics to "hang the landlord" hahaha)

so the after party was gash, and packed, so we headed to a regular pub where i met the most awesome dog ever! so friendly. 

yup. that's all folks.

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