Friday, November 25, 2011

London to a 'T'

so, yesterday was a fucking awesome day. It was just me n Layla in, but i was booked up with sweet sweet stuff with sweet sweet customers. Conversation flowed seamlessly, and all in all, t'was a good day.

First up we have Chris, continuing his Torture Garden sleeve. (well, technically he was my 2nd customer of the day, but i'm excluding mentioning the 1st for a myriad of reasons. One being he called to tell me he was running 10 minutes late, ten minutes after he was meant to be here. i can tell the time. i don't need a talking clock.) hmmm.

Anyways, we got a good few hours in, working on the underwater section down by his wrist. All the while discussing my top secret thing that i can't talk about.... and secret societies, including one in particular  that serves the small. Oh, i also told Chris and Layla all about my early morning commute game i have devised to kill some time. Shall i elaborate? O.K....

So i get on the tube at the end of the line, and it's never that busy on the morning commute, so i'll start at one end of the train, and each stop i'll move down a carriage.... and once a complete stranger smiles at me ... (not in a creepy way, but in a "oh what a lovely day, i'm in such a good mood... la dee daa" kinda way)....that's when i stay in the carriage i'm in. Lets just say i'm moving carriages A LOT. kills the time though.

Layla called me a 'dark horse'. I think it was her way of saying "you're insane". I'm fine with being a dark horse. Means i have untapped potential. Oh, i also introduced her to the wonders of Coaltar of the Deepers who are an AWESOME band. good stuff. So here's what we got done on Chris' arm....

and here's what the clinical waste trash looks like after 3 hours of underwater tattoo action....

so much for "blue and green should never be seen without something in between", eh?

as always, Chris gave me a rad tip! Stoked.

So then i had itty bitty Maria in for her pre-leaving London  piece...

super fun one to do, it's pretty small on her ankle. and seeing as she's pretty small too.... it's really pretty small. 

It was just as i was photographing her that i came up with the "London to a T" comment. She didn't get it.... and that's fine, coz she's Italian. Layla got it, and laughed, which is fine coz she's English.

can i also add.... i have NEVER MANAGED to figure out how to splice pics together on photoshop.... til now. epicness encapsulated.

in other news, it's Kez's birthday, so tonight will be.... well... let's just say tonight will be fun. Tomorrow on the other hand.... will most likely be torture. Who cares about tomorrow though? 

The past is history,
the future is a mystery...
and right now is a gift. 
That's why they call it 
"the present".

true story.

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