Monday, November 7, 2011

fact, not fiction. truth, not lies...

wow, been a pretty crappy week or 2. found out some really awful news about not one but TWO people i know. not good at all. won't blog all about that though, so instead, i will blog about burgers, bb guns and backstage.

so Anna recently insisted we go try this "amazing" burger joint. it was pretty amazing, all though the waitress didn't put me at rest.

me (to waitress) : "i'm really excited to be eating here! i've heard SO MANY good things about this place!"
waitress : 'hmmm, well see if you feel the same way after you've eaten.'

hmmmm. odd. very odd indeed.

the food was good. the waitress was weird. 

anyways, we then went for 'hard shakes' in the Diner. they do the best alcoholic shakes ever. EVER.

also saw this.... (if u haven't seen this movie you won't get the reference. and you should be ashamed. )

along the way we bumped in to a few other people we know, and before i knew it, all the pubs were closed. luckily, i had been tipped an entire bottle of rum for tattooing Ely, so had that in my backpack, and a friend who lived across the road. So to his flat we ventured, where he decided to get his super crazy collection of gas powered BB guns out. yup. Mike shot Pieman in the face. TWICE

went something like this.....
mike (shoots gun)..... 
pieman (clutches face and roars in agony)
mike "it's not loaded!"
me (looking at simon....) 'i think it is'
mike shoots his own hand... ''oh fuck''

yeah. so if the police need an official report. use this blog post. Pieman's fine, although he looks like a thug. 

Last night we went to see ~The Filaments, The Skints, and Capdown.......
after a bit of a mission to get backstage, we managed, and the view is always awesome from side stage.

'twas a good night. 
i wasn't even that set on going, but i couldn't resist a rocking Sunday roast, and seeing as we ate down the road, it seemed a waste not to make the most of the ensuing musical wonders of days of yore. 
was a really odd gig to see in this day and age, seeing as the Filaments n Capdown were playing shows i was frequenting 10 years ago, but it was nostalgic to say the least, and good to bump into some old faces i hadn't seen in a while.

weird thing happened last night though. (Pieman is convinced whenever I'm around, weird shit happens) and i was starting to think he was exaggerating... however, i don't think u can get weirder than this....

so before we got backstage, we were stood by the sound booth on the 1st tier (or "shelf" as the guitarist from the Skints called it?! so London, innit) and i see this super creepy man. i turn to Pieman and whisper "10 o' clock, serial killer, true story" he turns, and agrees the man is very conspicuous....
anyways, later on, while we r stood side of stage, HE'S there, behind us.... once more. now I'm pretty sure he wasn't with the bands, or friends of the band like the rest of us.... but we just shrugged it off. 
later that night, after the gig, we go for some non-wallet raping drinks, and who's there? the creepy serial killer guy. again. too weird. anyways, a few hours pass, i get caught up in conversation, and miss the last train by a whisker. shame. i always forget this country opens and closes on Sundays in accordance to an outdated religious time frame. oh well. so i waited a good while for a night bus, boarded night bus, and fell asleep. i live at the last stop, so this never proves problematic, and sleep does help pass time don't you know. anyways, end of line, the driver comes to wake me up..... you guessed it. 

you couldn't write this stuff. 
although in blogging about it, i have now written it, but i can assure you it is not fiction, it is me recanting the strangest thing.....

So tonight, the Aggrolites r playing the Underworld, but i've been feeling all gigged out recently, so think i'm gonna give it a miss. i bought a book this week, listing London's nicest pubs, and i think i may take it upon myself to go find a few, and just sit and read or draw instead of frequenting gigs. Saying that, i am going to see Death Cab next week, which i am super excited about seeing! No rest for the wicked i guess. 

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